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NOTE: We welcome serious inquiries for those interested in high-end detailing, paint correction work, quality PPF applications, and Modesta coatings. We are highly skilled and trained professionals who provide the highest quality detailing services possible. We do not cut deals, corners, or costs and therefore can’t provide price quotes to compare to other shops. Thank you.

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Drive in Style: The Top Benefits of Mobile Auto Detailing

There's nothing like the feeling of driving a clean, shiny car. But getting that fresh-from-the-dealership look can be time-consuming and

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67 cars stolen in one week in Dayton; Here’s why thieves are targeting Kias, Hyundais

More than 1,500 vehicles were reported stolen in Dayton last year, which was up 83% from 2021, according to police

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Lidar, Radar, Camera Vendors Fight To Be The Eyes Of Autonomous Vehicles

LAS VEGAS — The promise of self-driving cars spurred a Cambrian-like explosion of makers of vision sensors for autonomous vehicles.

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